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Roar is an initiative that aims to harness the power of drumming and deliver its benefits to every participant in our events.

The roar of the drums and the flow state that it promises is experiential which rewards an individual with confidence, creativity, connectedness, and community.

Roar aims to deliver comprehensive and immersive programs to promote overall well-being and engage participants for a variety of events.

Each event is designed and delivered, based on the client's requirements and event type.

People Playing Djembe


Nitin Virat Drum Circle Facilitator.jpg

A drummer with stage experience of over 15 years, and teaching experience of over 10 Years is trained in Hindustani Classical, Western Drumming, West African Drumming, and Latin Rhythms.

Nitin has been facilitating and leading drum circles for over 10 years, His expertise in the orchestral play of drum circle, Rhythmic song making are highlights of any drum circle.

Apart from facilitating drum circles for various reputed organizations, Nitin is a busy stage performer, regularly performing at Festivals, Embassies, and Corporate Events. Nitin also devotes time teaching to a select few students only.



Consultant Psychologist

 Aditi is an experienced psychologist with a working experience at a psychiatry clinic a renowned mental health platform and has consulted various SMEs in developing employee well-being programs. She has facilitated support circles for stress management and emotional support in her practice. She has extensive academic and practice experience successfully using music therapy to resolve stress management and anxiety issues.

 At Roar Drumming, Aditi has co-developed the “Drumming for Health”, the program that focuses specifically on the holistic improvement of health. She has also developed assessment methods for participants to quantify the program’s benefits. Aditi also gives talks to drumming groups that are focused on the benefits of group drumming, and how these benefits can be maximized for each participant.



Content & Social Media

A seasoned coach in communication and personality development takes role of content, social media apart from guiding the Roar team in communication and public speaking.

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