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Drum Band
Drum Band

All Drummers Band

An all-drummer band is high-energy and visually appealing drumming band performing to get people dancing. The band is also supported by musicians like flutists, bassists, Didgeridoo players, and percussion players. This is an instrumental band, thereby ideal for a multilingual audience.

DJ + Drumming

The best suited for ending your corporate event or taking your wedding celebration to a peak of energy. This is a duo performance with a DJ and a drummer playing a huge variety of drums. The dance-oriented performance is best suited for closing any event on high energy.

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Band Performing

Band Performance

A band performance is usually customized, based on the client's requirements, We offer band performances covering popular Bollywood and Punjabi music as well as western music.

Based on the client's requirements, we can arrange for foreign musicians at very short notice.

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