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Nitin Virat


Drum Circle Facilitator


Djembe, Cajon, Drum Kit, Conga, Bongos, Percussion, etc



Delhi, India

Date of Birth:

January 07th, 1986

A Bit About Nitin

Nitin is an explorer of sounds and doesn't shy away from recognizing music even in the chaotic music sound scape. Nitin is a chiseled musician with a vast experience of world music, his playing is known for fine technique, clear sounds and creative story telling through sounds, which he credits to his gurus.



Nitin started his formal music training with Tabla in 2001, under the pupilage of Pt. Srikant Das and studied the Farookhabadi Gharana style of tabla and went on to complete 3rd year from the prestigious Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya in year 2002.

Drum Kit

Nitin took formal training of Drum Kit under the pupilage of Manoj Mavely at Musictek school of music in Gurgaon, from year 2010 and went on to clear with distinction, the Grade 8 from Trinity Rock School of Music, London, in a span of only 2 years. Nitin was later invited to join the Musictek school of music as a Faculty of Drums. He taught at the school for over 4 years.


Nitin took Djembe lessons from Suchet Malhotra for over 3 years, during the time, Nitin was also invited to be a part of the bands started and directed by his Guru Suchet Malhotra. Later Nitin also took lessons from Senagalese Djembe Master Berahim Ndiye for 1 year.


Nitin has no memory of when he started drumming on tables and utensils. But since he started formal learning, he has been regularly been on stage since last 16 Years.

Nitin has played with bands, drumming ensembles, Drum circles, facilitation groups, Workshops, etc.

Some of his past experiences are listed below.


Roar Drumming - Drum Circles

Currently Nitin leads Roar Drumming, with a great team. At Roar Drumming, Nitin facilitates different kinds of drum circles, along with creating new concepts based on the requirements of an event. Nitin also regularly performs with DJs.

The Drum Whisperers

Through Roar Drumming, Nitin also performs with The Drum Whisperers. This is a rhythm focused band, that aims to bring world rhythm styles in an easy to understand format. Nitin has been a part of various drum ensembles and world music bands in past 12 years. He conceptualized The Drum Whisperers to be a band, that does not play complicated music, but rich world music that is easy to comprehend and fun to dance on. The Drum Whisperers focuses on West African rhythmic culture and Latin American rhythmic culture, because both are dance oriented.


Nitin is a permanent member of the band playing, Congas, Bongos, Cajon and Percussion.

Abakorao, is currently India's only authentic latin music band. The band is a regular performer at various embassies such as Embassy of Colombia, Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Republic of Panama, Embassy of Ecuador, Embassy of Finland, etc.

The band has also performed at prestigious, Udaipur World Music Festival.

Being a permanent member of the band, Nitin has performed at all the stages mentioned above


Previously Nitin has been a part of a variety of bands, that have given him exposure to many different music styles. The bands and his role is elaborated below.

Temple of Drum

Temple of Drum was an all drummer band playing world music. The band members of the band included Suchet Malhotra on Djembe and Bongos, Fakhruddin Gaffari on Toumbek and Darbuka, Mohit Lal on Tabla, Glen Luvett, and Vetri Boopathy.

With Temple of Drum, Nitin performed at various stages, such as India Habitat Centre, Tamil Sangam, Contemporary Arts Festival, Australian High Commission, etc. Nitin was a permanent member of the band, and played djembe.

Sunshine Ensemble

Sunshine Ensemble was an all drummer band performing West African Rhythmic Style of Music. Nitin played Djembe with the band at various stages. Other members of the band included Suchet Malhotra on Djembe, Shivani Dass on Djembe, Yashdeep Khare on Djembe, Tanya on Djembe, Supriya on Djembe, Arti on Djembe, Anupam on Djembe, Peter on Dunduns.

World Folk Ensemble

World Folk Ensemble was a band that performed folk music from around the world and was a regular performer at various festivals and clubs.

Woody Accouche Project

Woody Accouche Project was a band started by Calvin Wumbaya. The band performed reggae and folk rock music. Nitin played Djembe, Bongs, and cajon with the band for several years. With this band, Nitin also recorded one album called Jive Tribe. 

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C801, Plot 4, Sector 5, Dwarka,

Delhi - 110075

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