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Wedding Drum Circles

Experience Families Coming Together With Synergized Beating Of Hearts

Why a Drum Circle at Weddings

Weddings in India, are undoubtedly the most important festivals of our culture. The celebration and festivities touch new heights during the wedding seasons, and especially so, for the families hosting the weddings.

Drum circles are an unforgettable and unique experience for any gathering, but are most suitable for celebratory occasion such as wedding, where two families come together.

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An Event To Remember

Drum circles are experiential and more importantly participatory. The drum circle will possibly be the only such event, where both "Ladke Waale" & "Ladki Waale", will come together to participate in a fun and engaging session of drumming, dance and masti.

Drum circles at weddings often ends up giving memories which are jointly cherished by both families and guests.

Is It Just Drums?

No wedding in India, is complete without dhol taashe bollywood and a lot of dance.

The wedding drum circles are no different.

Wedding drum circles with Roar Drumming are customized, keeping in mind the traditions of a family.

Beyond drums, our Wedding Drum Circles come with Singers, Guitarists, Saxophone Players, Flute Player, and more.

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Community Drum Circle

We invite you to be a part of a non-judgmental space wherein you can be just yourself, have fun, and unwind. Explore the opportunity of meeting with like-minded people and easily get along as well. Embrace the onset of a regular recreational musical activity and go hand in hand with our community drum circle groups.

Wedding Drum Circle

A wedding drum circle is an ideal way to engage your audience and move the celebration to the next level. Participate in a fun-breaking activity between two families. We conduct high-vibrational drumming sessions for our wedding drum circle groups. Experience the perfect jolt of joy, excitement, warmth and group love on your big day.

Playing Big Drum
Native Drums
Native Drums
Drumming For Health

The best about a drum circle at Roar is that we have categorically designated meaning for each of our drum circle groups. Join the exclusive Drumming for Health program that is primarily focused on accelerating physical healing, and assists in releasing all kinds of emotional and psychological trauma.

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