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Drum Circle Services


Sure, you want the party to end at a high note, We provide a variety of performances with Indian and foreign artists performing Indian, Western and World music styles.

From an all drummer band to DJ + Drummer to a full musicians band performing a set specific to client requirements.


Drum circle as a term, encompasses a variety of drumming activities and types of drum circles. We provide end to end service for a variety of drum circles, music appreciation sessions, and more.

Connect with us to give shape to your initial thought into a successful drumming event.


It is close to impossible to learn the traditional world music instruments without a teacher giving you regular feedbacks and resolving precisely the problem that you are facing. By now you know that YouTube really doesnt solve the problem. But we at Roar definitely can. Connect with us to learn world percussion.

Drum Circles in Delhi

Providing Everything You Need

Body Percussion

The imitative sound that is composed not by any instrument by solely by you is body percussion. Here, the human body is the instrument that every participant brings along. The music is created by rubbing and shaking hands and feet, stamping the feet, and slapping and patting the arms, legs, chest and cheeks. 

Corporate Drum Circle

A corporate drum circle unifies co-workers into participants. It serves as both an entertainment activity as well as an effective wellness activity. Workplace drumming is an excellent team-building exercise that unites coworkers into a solid drumming band. 

Kids Drum Circle

Drum circle for kids is the best booster shot that increases their creativity. Play a drumkit and coordinate on all four limbs. We have specifically curated separate drum circle groups for kids according to their age. Get to learn exciting things ranging from frequencies to intervals.

Community Drum Circle

We invite you to be a part of a non-judgmental space wherein you can be just yourself, have fun, and unwind. Explore the opportunity of meeting with like-minded people and easily get along as well. Embrace the onset of a regular recreational musical activity and go hand in hand with our community drum circle groups.

Wedding Drum Circle

A drum circle at weddings are remembered for being that one celebration where each and every participant immersed themselves in the same groove and became one with all.

When participants include both the groom side and the brides side, for both families, the drum circle leave memories of joy and is remembered as a celebration that was shared by both families living the same moment together in sync with each other.

Drumming For Health

The best about a drum circle at Roar is that we have categorically designated meaning for each of our drum circle groups. Join the exclusive Drumming for Health program that is primarily focused on accelerating physical healing, and assists in releasing all kinds of emotional and psychological trauma.

About Roar Drumming

  • Roar is an initiative that aims to harness the power of drumming and deliver its benefits to every participant in our events.

  • The roar of the drums and the flow state that it promises is experiential which rewards an individual with confidence, creativity, connectedness, and community.

  • Roar aims to deliver comprehensive and immersive programs to promote overall well-being and engage participants for a variety of events.

  • Each event is designed and delivered, based on the client's requirements and event type.

Why go for drum circles?


Overall, attending a drum circle Delhi can be a fun, interactive, and rewarding experience that offers benefits on many levels.


  • Community building: Drum circles are a great way to connect with others and build a sense of community. They provide an opportunity to meet new people and collaborate with others to create music and rhythms.


  • Stress relief: Drumming can be a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity. The rhythmic nature of drumming can help to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.


  • Physical activity: Drumming is an active form of expression that can provide a workout for the arms and upper body.


  • Creativity: Drumming provides an opportunity to express creativity and experiment with different rhythms and sounds. It can also help to develop musical skills and improve coordination.


  • Cultural appreciation: Drum circles can provide a chance to learn about different cultures and their musical traditions. They can also serve as a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation.

Why choose Roar Drumming?


Roar is an initiative aiming to harness the power of drumming and deliver its benefits to every participant in our events. Our sessions are customized for each event based on the theme of the event and the type of participants. Starting from the initial discussions, we seek information from our prospective clients, so as to prepare a best-fit plan for them.

Lead member of Roar Drumming, Nitin Virat has over 2 decades of drumming experience and over a decade of teaching experience. With a formal education in Tabla from Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya and Drums from Trinity Rock School, London, Nitin is an exceptional listener with a high level of ear training capabilities. Nitin is trained in Djembe by the best djembe teacher in India, Suchet Malhotra and a Djembe Maestro from Senegal, Berahim Ndiye. Other members of the Roar drumming are also professionals who have learnt from the traditional lineage of west african drumming.

We provide a range of performances including a drummer band, DJ + Drummer, and an all-musician band. We provide comprehensive and immersive drumming activities including, drum circles for corporates, communities, and private events. We also give Drums lessons, Djembe Lessons, and Cajon Lessons covering traditional as well as contemporary playing styles. Read about team Roar Drumming insider take on what makes a drum circle in Delhi, Gurugram ( Gurgaon), Noida a truly memorable experience. 


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